Bodywork – The Relationship Booster for your horse and you


Do you want to boost your horse's well-being holistically?

Experience the magic of a deep horse-human connection through Bodywork!

What is Bodywork for horses?

Bodywork is a term for a variety of techniques in which we interact with the horse through targeted contact. The interaction through touch and the exact "reading" of the horse's reactions is essential. Bodywork has a deep influence on an energetic, physical and mental level.


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Bodywork enhances your horse's well-being and fitness. The relationship and trust between you and your horse will deepen in a sustainable way.

Why you should practice Bodywork with your horse

The beneficial effects of Bodywork for horses is still underestimated. Bodywork can have a huge impact on your horse's well-being and fitness. Additionally it has plenty of benefits for you too!

Benefits of Bodywork

for your horse

Bodywork relieves tension and increases your horse's sense of well-being.

Bodywork releases emotional stress while your horse is in a calm state.

Bodywork brings awareness to blockages.

Bodywork can increase flexibility and the range of motion.

Bodywork improves coordination and balance.

Bodywork leads to physical and mental relaxation.

Your Benefits when practicing Bodywork with your horse

While practicing Bodywork you will be aware in the present moment and feel connected.

Bodywork enables you to communicate with your horse in a silent dialogue instead of being "noisy".

Bodywork enables you to recognize your horse's subtle signs instead of missing them.

Bodywork is a tool for experiencing and knowing your horse's body from a completely different perspective.

Bodywork helps you to build up trust and grow a deeper relationship with your horse with less uncertainties.

Bodywork makes you more confident about the holistic state of your horse.

Meet your horse in the present moment, listen closely and get to know it on a much deeper level.

From Shetland Pony to Shire Horse – Every horse benefits from Bodywork!

Bodywork for young horses

connect human with positive touch

get used to being touched all over the body

increase body awareness

reduce anxiety

share time and build trust

Bodywork for adult horses

improve coordination and balance

change/shift unhealthy physical patterns and mental habits

assist in recovery from injury

improve athletic performance

raise horse's motivation

Bodywork for senior horses

maintain retired horses mobility

spend time with meaning

carefully ease stiffness e.g. arthrosis

maintain efficient muscle function

contribute to an overall better physical and mental health

Boost your horse's well-being and fitness holistically!

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Nancy Heiber Online Course

Bodywork – The Relationship Booster for your horse and you

Self-study course to improve your horse's well-being holistically and to experience the magic of a deep horse-human connection!

5 days only

BODYWORK – The Relationship Booster for your horse and you

HAPPY EASTER SALE only 5 days! Starting 6th till 10th, April 2023.

The self-study online course – No prior knowledge required!

Learn step by step how to practice Bodywork with horses

This online course has 3 main parts. Start at any time and work through the course entirely at your own pace.

Bodywork online course content:

39 Videos, around 6 hours video footage

7 worksheets & checklists

Access for you for 3 years

1. Theory Basic Knowledge

The theory basic knowledge is the foundation of this Bodywork online course. Learn the required background knowledge and start well equipped into this course. Get a better understanding of the interconnection between the energetic, physical and mental facets in horses.

MODULE 01 - 06

  • Welcome!
  • Why this course?
  • What type of problems can be stored in the body?
  • What is meant by "compensation of tension patterns"?
  • How do horses handle tension and pain?
  • How does the environment affect the well-being of the horse?
  • What to expect on the path to "healing"?

2. Knowledge for Practice

Everything revolves around the right framework and conditions for Bodywork and how to create them, how to touch, how to read the reactions of your horse as well as how to meet your horse in the here and now – the present moment. Furthermore the different types of exercises of the practice part are explained.

MODULE 07 - 11

  • What type of requirements are important for Bodywork?
  • What types of exercises are explained in the practice part?
  • How exactly do you touch your horse?
  • What type of reactions can you observe?
  • How can you best meet your horse in the here and now?

3. Practice

In the practice part you will learn 13 different physical exercises. Each exercise is explained to you in detail and demonstrated step by step. This makes it clear and easy for you to understand and practice them with your own horse.

MODULE 12 - 25

  • Introduction to Practice
  • Stroking along the Energy Lines
  • Recognizing Tension Areas
  • Acupressure Points
  • Ting-Points
  • Asking Head down
  • Creating Awareness of Resistances in the Neck
  • Detecting Areas of Tension in the Neck
  • Increasing Suppleness around the Shoulder Blade
  • Relaxing the Front Legs
  • Flexion and Extension of the Torso
  • Relaxing the Hind Legs
  • Flexion and Extension of the Hind Legs
  • Rolling and Sliding the Skin
  • Thank you


Additionally to the practical videos all exercises will be shown and commented for you again, but with a variety of very different types of horses. You will be able to observe a wide range of signs and reactions to Bodywork. This will deepen the lessons you have learned so far and make it even easier to adapt all exercises with your own horse.



12 extra bonus videos! Each video contains up to 7 different horses showing the physical exercises again. Nancy comments on special highlights. This will help you to become a refined horse reader and even better observer!

You already have the tools you need for Bodywork: your hands!


So many new insights

I was a bit hesitant to buy this online course since Bodywork is something totally new to me. Now I am blown away! I already gained many new insights in the theory part. My initial concern I might harm my horse by doing something wrong is gone. Nancy guides clearly through each exercise and I can do it at my own pace. Today I feel confident about Bodywork and practice it several times a week with my horse.

Antje L.

Helped my horse after injury

I primarily bought the Bodywork course to help my horse, who was restricted in her range of motion after an injury. The exercises that support the affected limb were particularly well suited.

But in the course there are a variety of possible applications for healthy horses as well. My horses and I love the exercises in which the horses can tell something about their body and their condition with their expressions. Nancy explains the horse's micro-expressions in detail and so every bodywork unit is a discovery of your own horse.

Vanessa H.

This experience "touched" me

I wish I would have known about Bodywork earlier! My gelding is with me since he was a baby. Today he is 24 and developed some health issues (ECS, Arthitis). Observing his expressive reactions during Bodywork as well as his improvement on his range of motion and balance still amazes me. And it makes me very happy that I can give that to him by simply using my hands!


Leslie D.

Meet your instructor

I am blessed with magical moments through Bodywork!

Horses do not speak with words. Therefore it is necessary to have enough understanding and knowledge in order to read our horse's signs correctly. Even then it remains often enough a mystery what exactly the horse is lacking or how we could support it to achieve greater well-being. Bodywork has been a key for me to find answers to a lot of these mysteries and to experience horses and their bodies on a deeper and refined level.

As a full-time horse trainer I have already helped countless horse owners – beyond riding – to deepen their relationship with their horses.

The refined skill of observation towards our horses (but also towards ourselves!) and the holistic understanding of the correlations and potentials of a deeper human-horse-connection, as well as getting closely in touch with the horses body, allow us to experience the time together much more harmoniously and intensely.

Through Bodywork I was able to experience the long-standing and very intense relationship with my mare Ayra on an even deeper level. Bodywork is a daily enrichment of our time together!

Nancy and her mare deep trust

Are you still missing the intensity of a deep horse-human connection?

After this Bodywork Online Course you will ...


... have gained a lot of background knowledge in order to understand the requirements for holistic well-being .

... have acquired a refined skill of observation and thus will be able to read and understand your horse much more precisely!

... have learned useful body practices that you can immediately implement and apply with your horse.

... be able to signal your horse that you truly "see" it.

... have a valuable alternative to everyday training.

... be more deeply connected to your horse, because you are the perfect person for your horse!

After this online course you can practice Bodywork with your horse on your own!

In this short video I show you how the online course is structured and how to work with it.

If you have any questions about this Bodywork self-study course I would be happy to hear from you!


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Bodywork – The Relationship Booster for your horse and you

Your investment in your horse's physical well-being and in the lasting deepening of your relationship with each other:

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