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How to help your horse and yourself cope with stress.

Get out of the stress loop! Bring your nervous system into balance and experience a relationship full of trust with your horse.

You are the perfect person for your horse!

A deep connection is the best condition for a happy relationship.


“If we open ourselves up to feeling we experience the abundance life has to offer.”

Nancy Heiber


It is your job to enable your horse mentally and physically to perform all desired tasks with motivation and healthiness. With fairness and mutual understanding both of you can experience the joy of fine riding.


How you experience the relationship with your horse depends essentially on the way you meet it and equally the way you meet yourself. If you manage to consciously arrive in the here and now you will be able to connect with your horse on a deeper level.


An advanced knowledge of the basic correlations between the science of movement, behavioral research and neuroscience will enable you to perceive your horse more holistically. Considering this, you will gain compassion and grow together.

Individual training for your horse and you:

riding clinics · ground work · lunging with cavesson · trailer loading training · bodywork · online coaching


Be the best partner for your horse!

The training takes place exclusively in individual sessions, so that you and your horse can get the most out of each training session. This is the only way to get undivided attention and the intensive support for your maximum learning success.

all training levels

independent of riding style

in German, English or French


Nancy and hanoverian mare Ayra – a team since 2003

Hello, I'm Nancy

Horse trainer and passionate mediator of knowledge for all riders and horse owners who want to understand their horses more holistically and build a deeper connection to them, in order to grow together with their partner horse with joy.

Growing together to grow together.



Nancy teaches with a patience of angels, Argus eyes, humor and a wealth of knowledge that blows me away every time.

Patricia with Pablo


I am very grateful to Nancy for all the moments of happiness on our journey from being an endurance Arab to becoming a precise dressage professor. The fine riding at this level is an unforgettable gift.

Leslie with Pasim


Nancy's unique and accurate teaching brings out the best in my horse and in me and makes us a great team .

Tina with Destino



With a lot of sensitivity and understanding my Shagya Arab mare and I get exactly the help we need at each moment. We both learned a lot from Nancy.

Ute with Zenya


For me the best riding lessons in the world!

Martina with Hannes


Nancy combines her good intuition with her experience and hits the core of what the horse and rider are all about.

Petra with Argento



With a lot of fun and visible success, Nancy's lessons are a deep dive in the entire topic of horses.

Jana with Fergie


Smilla and I are learning to ride in a completely new way and are both happy about this new holistic approach. Nancy explains everything very vividly and above all comprehensibly.

Christine with Smilla


Riding is like dancing for me.

Through Nancy I always find moments of unity with my horse.

Maren with Grisu

How to enhance the relationship between you and your horse to a whole new level without studying horse whispering first.

Get my 3-minute mindfulness exercise to make it easier for you to arrive in the here and now – the present moment – and thus create space for truly shared moments with your horse.

Your horse is ready, are you too?

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