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Video analysis with consulting

Do you have a specific question or are you stuck with your horse in a certain training problem? Then the video analysis with a following consultation is just right for you! Regardless whether it is about riding, ground work, trailer loading or the relationship with your horse – you will get an individually tailored support which enables you to continue working with your horse on your own and to achieve the solution independently.

3 simple steps for your video analysis with consulting

make an appointment

record up to 20 minutes of video

In a ZOOM-Meeting we will go through your video footage together and review your questions. Afterwards you will get detailed feedback including an individual solution concept for you and your horse.

€ 125,00

Price for one video analysis up to 60 minutes for one horse rider/owner team. Payable in advance. Incl. 19% VAT

Live training via Zoom

Riding lessons, ground work, trailer loading training or relationship work can take place under certain conditions via Zoom.

As in on-site training, the top priority is a high-quality training for you and your horse. Therefore the framework conditions, such as stable internet connection on your mobile phone and good lighting, play a big role in this.

For a live Zoom training with Nancy you need these technical requirements:

smartphone with good reception


tripod for the smartphone

bluetooth headset

For further informationen regarding live trainings via Zoom please send a request.


How to enhance the relationship between you and your horse to a whole new level without studying horse whispering first.

Get my 3-minute mindfulness exercise to make it easier for you to arrive in the here and now – the present moment – and thus create space for truly shared moments with your horse.

Your horse is ready, are you too?


How to help your horse and yourself cope with stress.

Get out of the stress loop! Bring your nervous system into balance and experience a relationship full of trust with your horse.


Please – breathe deeply!

Your horse has a cough or just can't get rid of his respiratory problems after an illness? You have already spent a lot of money on medications, expensive feed supplements and complex therapies? The recovery is taking a long time and you don't know what else you can do to support your horse?

This online course is the right choice for you, if you want to learn how to support your horse with respiratory problems manually.

Course video content:

Theory: Things to know about your horse's breathing

Exercise 1: Relaxing the intercostal muscles

Exercise 2: The breath flow

Exercise 3: 3 Acupressure points for breathing

compact online course

Please – breathe deeply!

€ 29,00

incl. 19 % VAT.

Nancy Heiber Online Course

Bodywork – The Relationship Booster for your horse and you

Self-study course to improve your horse's well-being holistically and to experience the magic of a deep horse-human connection!

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