My present for you and your horse

Mindfulness Exercise – The Eye

3 minutes for 7 days to deepen the relationship with your horse.


With this exercise you will learn …

why your horse deserves mindfulness and why this is so valuable for you as a team

a simple ritual to let go of your everyday life before you say "hello" to your horse

the 3-minute mindfulness exercise to see your horse with different eyes and meet each other on a deeper level

Your horse is ready, are you too?

Diese Achtsamkeitsübung hat mich zutiefst berührt. Am ersten Tag musste ich sofort losheulen.


Diese Achtsamkeitsübung hat mich zutiefst berührt. Am ersten Tag musste ich sofort losheulen!


Diese Achtsamkeitsübung hat mich zutiefst berührt. Am ersten Tag musste ich sofort losheulen!




I was moved to tears…

I already have a strong bond with each of my horses as well as they have with me. That's why this exercise made me very curious to see if it really makes a difference.


At first the implementation challenged me a bit: My gelding Darky, I tried this exercise with him first, just did not come to rest. Not at all. This made it difficult for me to do the exercise. I'm a rather scurrying person myself and I imagined it to be easier than it was. Darky and I had moments when nothing happened and then also moments that touched me so deeply that tears came to my eyes. I feel so much gratitude for each of my horses and it feels to me as if they rest calmly within themselves and wait wisely and patiently until I have finally found and accept the path to myself… as if they ask me every day "So what? How far have you come today?"


This mindfulness exercise has indeed deepened our connection to each other and our mutual trust even further.

Sassi W.

This mindfulness exercise connected us even more…

I am a very ambitious and rather hectic person. Unfortunately I transfer this behaviour to my mare, because she reflects it back to me.

The exercise THE EYE helped both of us to become calmer and more peaceful inside. While watching my mare's eye and keeping myself busy with the questions, I had moments when I had her full attention. The motion of her ears showed that she was interested and attentive . Then her head came closer and closer and her eyes relaxed more and more. I also felt calm and relaxed. This exercise helped me to become more mindful and focused overall and thus to perceive my mare in a completly different way.

Jana H.

A special feeling of closeness

It was very nice to conciously take time for being truely together with my horse. A special feeling of closeness arose and slowed me down incredibly.

Tina M.


Why do we experience big differences in the depth of horse-human-relationships?

You love your horse with all your heart and you get along well with each other, but you still have moments where you doubt your relationship? Do you believe that only true horse whisperers or spiritually gifted people can connect with their horse on a deeper level?

Maybe you are even convinced that it can't work with your horse? Just because you have these doubts doesn't mean a deeper connection between you and your horse isn't possible!

As a full-time horse trainer I have already helped countless riders and horse owners – beyond riding – to deepen their relationship with their horse.

The refined skill of observation towards our horses (but also towards ourselves!) and the holistic understanding of the correlations and potentials of a deeper human-horse connection allow us to experience the time together much more harmoniously and intensely.


If you are ready to open yourself to feeling and to detach yourself from manifested opinions about your horse or yourself, then nothing stands in the way of a deeper connection between you and your horse.

Nancy and her mare deep trust

Your horse is ready, are you too?